5 Signs Your Dog Is Dehydrated

Water is without a doubt essential to life and something that all living things require in order to survive and stay healthy. It comes as no surprise to you as paw-parents who only want the best for your canine friends that your dog needs to stay as hydrated as people like you.

It is your duty as the owner to ensure that your puppy drinks enough water, especially when going for walks. For every ten pounds of body weight, a dog needs at least one ounce of water. A 50-pound dog would therefore require five ounces of water daily. However, how can you tell if your pet is getting enough water?


Sign #1: Loss of Appetite

Dehydrated dogs lose their appetite, which causes them to stop drinking water. Your dog may require more fluids in his body if he only consumes a portion of his meal and refuses to consume the remainder.

Sign #2: Dry, Crusty Fur

If a dog is dehydrated, you can tell by looking at his skin and coat. If the fur is dry and crusty, the dog may not be drinking enough water. A dehydrated dog's skin will eventually crack, giving its fur a whitish-gray appearance.

Sign #3: Excessive Panting

A dog pants in order to cool off. However, excessive panting is a warning sign that the person is overheated, which may be the result of hyperthermia. Make sure your dog is not overheating if he is panting excessively, get him out of the sun right away, and give him enough water to rehydrate him.

Sign #4: Loss of Energy

When a dog is dehydrated, he becomes lethargic and lacks energy. The color of a dog's tongue and gums can occasionally serve as another telltale sign of dehydration. Pale gums and tongue may indicate that your dog needs to drink a lot more water. The dog is fine if the gums and tongue are pink, but if they are a dark red-pink color, dehydration may also be to blame.

Sign #5: Constant Thirst

Thirst is a dog's natural response to dehydration. However, this only occurs when they do not drink enough water. So, if you notice your dog drinking a lot of water in a day, it's a good indication that he's not getting enough fluids.



It's difficult to tell whether or not a dog is dehydrated. They will occasionally show signs of tiredness and loss of energy, which will not pique your interest. If you want to make sure your dog is properly hydrated, follow the tips above and keep track of his daily activities.

Remember that the dog only requires a comfortable amount of water, so don't force them to drink too much at once!