5 Helpful Tips For Traveling With Your Pets This Season

Having a pet is often an important part of the family, and many people want to bring their furry friend along for holiday travel. But with so much planning that needs doing in order get everyone set on time at their destinations—not forgetting all those airports where pets are not allowed! If you’re still trying figure out how best handle this situation when it comes down to leaving Fido or Fluffy behind during your next flight planning session then take heart: here are five tips from us experts who know what works every time.

Here are five tips for traveling with your pet this holiday season:

1. Make sure they have up-to date travel vaccinations before you leave home  - most airlines will not allow them onto the plane if their records show an infectious disease like panleukopenia or rabies which could be deadly in a confined space such as an airplane cabin
2. Make A Packing List and Check it Twice! 

  • First Aid Kit

  • Food, Treats, Water Bowl

  • Toys

  • Leash, Collar, and & ID Tag

  • Blanket & Bed

  • Waste Bags

3. Pet Friendly Hotels - We love to see Pet Friendly Hotels so here is a helpful search engine where you can locate over 1,000,000 Pet friendly hotels worldwide.

If you’re planning on staying with a family member, be sure to talk things over before hand and find out what the house rules are so that your pet and theirs can get along well and avoid any family conflict.

4. Heavy exercise before a flight or car ride is also key to make sure your pet is as relaxed and ready for the trip. Bring along with you some Natures Natural Relief Calming Chews, which are specially formulated full spectrum CBD products made especially tasty so dogs will love them!

5. Be prepared for an emergency. Find the number of the nearest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital and program it into your cell phone, along with the office and emergency number for your regular veterinarian (in case the veterinarians need to speak with each other). That way, if there’s a situation where your dog needs medical attention, you are prepared with the necessary information on hand.